Matchmaking someone that is involved with a ‘blesser’ is often very tough, specifically if you like him or her, much the same way as Q likes Dineo

Matchmaking someone that is involved with a ‘blesser’ is often very tough, specifically if you like him or her, much the same way as Q likes Dineo

By Phumlani Kango



Q and Dineo’s romance on #MTVShugaDS had been totally different with the average. Phumlani Kango provides some suggestions about strategy to meeting individuals understanding that they’ve got a blesser unofficially.

Relationships an individual who is involved with a ‘blesser’ can be hugely tough, particularly if really love him/her, the same manner Q really likes Dineo. The term “Blesser” can be used to describe something generally known as ‘Sugar Daddies’. They are elderly people (or women!) exactly who supply economically with their younger business partners that financial procedures are often in exchange for erectile favours. Q’s response to finding out about Dineo is appropriate because people would think some type of ways in the event that guy they were watching had been involved with some others quietly.

I’ve never ever out dated anyone involved with a blesser before, but i could envision they can feel similar to figuring out your husband or wife happens to be associated with some other person, whatever the dynamic. It injure, without a doubt, but we need to not be rapid to gauge when we finally don’t know exactly what circumstances someone could be reading through.

Q enjoys Dineo but can not share them with this sugar father. Ncoooh! They’d make a lovely number haazi. #MTVShugaDS

Consider Dineo eg; she gets a ‘blesser’ because she has to purchase their rates that assist the mama yourself. If a person who you would like to be with is available about getting into a comparable situation, undoubtedly should go into the relationship entirely alert to what you’re setting yourself up for. A person don’t plan to be creating jealous outbursts like Q do when he mentioned this individual realized yet , didn’t.

Lots of people assume that being involved with blesser are a strictly erectile exchange. A amount of blessers truly need a female who really wants to go together, spoil these with products, remove them to stylish meals, and also on company excursions, the truth is some just want anyone to consult and nothing better. Plenty of people in South Africa, whenever considering blesser arrangements feel likely the most unconventional situations, and that’s understandable because people keeps coated a bad picture of these plans. The two assume that it’s prostitution or anything around that nature, so it will be clear why Q would react such as that from precisely what society features coached him or her about these agreements .

#MTVShugaDS hence allow me to understand this straight, is this the type of being Q had been support & he was wanting to take on anyone who has already lasted, that is definitely Hlomla the blesser. Ipeleng, make sure you Daniel might help just be calm preventing ruining. @MTVShugaDS @jezzyskei

Like with everything in existence, you must understand exactly how these plans include started specifically if you are thinking about dating a person who has a blesser. Understand the company’s condition because you can locate the company’s plan could work for everyone two. If your blesser arrangement was intimate then chances are you two could really need to speak about screening on a regular basis for HIV & STIs and in many cases thinking about PrEP. These set-ups are not for anyone just in case its for yourself, next normally a few things to take into consideration.

Dineo tried using her far better secure herself no matter what when this tart realized she was at chances. 1st, when this bird moved onto preparation and secondly once, after possessing unprotected sex along with her blesser, she right away went along to the girl fitness carrier to learn the lady alternatives for stopping condom incorporate and HIVs.

This lady thinking was research that some people with blessers are not only on it for its flashy products and champagne habits.

Do you actually ever get in an issue like Q’s? And exactly why?

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